If you're not already aware of the Global Village Construction Set from Open Source Ecology, please check them out. I have wanted to build parts of the GVCS and contribute to OSE for some time now and finally decided to go for it. It is my hope to build a Power Cube in 2014 and a Liberator brick press in 2015.

I plan to build a GVCS Power Cube v6, with my own improvements, and then try to sell it. If I can't sell the Power Cube then I'll use it for my next adventure, the Liberator CEB (Compressed Earth Block) brick press. Someday I'd like to build a castle with CEBs.

At the moment I have two parts orders out and a quote request from my favorite metals provider. My plan is to build my first PowerCube "by the book" using the exact parts from the OSE BOM. The build will take a long time as I will only order parts and assemble them when I can afford the time and money to do so. The focus on this project will be completeness (as in pretty), not cost or time savings (as in recycled parts).  

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  1. Yes! Came across this page while looking for any PowerCubes for sale.