Thursday, May 5, 2011

Robot Framework

A great blog post by Frank Berthold helped me learn to use Robot Framework. Some questions remained for me after reading Robot Framework's Quick Start Guide, and Frank's blog post answered them. My application was a content management system, and for historical purposes is available online here.

Here is one of the test suites that I came up with for testing the application:
*** Testcases ***
Homepage allows Admin Login
   Sign in as Admin

Homepage allows Admin to Add an Entry
   Click Link  Add
   Page Should Contain  Add a blog entry

Add an Entry page allows adding a test Entry
   Input Text  title  Testing Entry Title
   Input Text  subtitle  Subtitle for Testing Entry
   Input Text  content  This is a test Entry.
   Click Button  Save
   Page Should Not Contain  Error

Homepage shows test Entry
   Page Should Contain   Testing Entry Title

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