Monday, March 31, 2014

Building the OSE Power Cube

If you're not already aware of the Global Village Construction Set from Open Source Ecology, please check them out. I have wanted to build parts of the GVCS and contribute to OSE for some time now and finally decided to go for it. It is my hope to build a Power Cube in 2014 and a Liberator brick press in 2015.

I plan to build a GVCS Power Cube v6, with my own improvements, and then try to sell it. If I can't sell the Power Cube then I'll use it for my next adventure, the Liberator CEB (Compressed Earth Block) brick press. Someday I'd like to build a castle with CEBs.

At the moment I have two parts orders out and a quote request from my favorite metals provider. My plan is to build my first PowerCube "by the book" using the exact parts from the OSE BOM. The build will take a long time as I will only order parts and assemble them when I can afford the time and money to do so. The focus on this project will be completeness (as in pretty), not cost or time savings (as in recycled parts).

I've made a dedicated page for this project, check there for updates.


  1. I might, been following all that badass bootstrap gear for a while too

    1. Cool! If I can sell the first PowerCube then I will commit to building two more.

      I'm also working on an Art Car that will be powered by this guy. I'll write a post about that someday, maybe.