Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Maiden fpv quadcopter flight

On 12/2/2014, I was finally able to fly my maiden fpv circuit through my backyard. This wasn't my first flight with the quadcopter or first time seeing the FPV video but it was the first time I flew the vehicle directly from the video feedback. The feeling is awesome and I can't wait to try this out on my airplane when conditions are right.

The quadcopter is a HobbyKing fpv250 and isn't strong enough to fly with a gopro. I haven't received my C-DVR yet, so I wasn't able to record the slightly frightening flights.

"The AMA FPV spotter must communicate with the FPV pilot to ensure the FPV aircraft remains within VLOS, warning the FPV pilot of approaching aircraft, and when avoidance techniques are necessary."

I need a spotter.

In total I lost three propellers. One was damaged due to a sudden and unexpected hard landing. The next was lost due to over tightening the new propeller onto the motor. I have seen these GemFan 5x3x3 propellers explode when spinning up so I don't risk running cracked or stressed GemFans. The last prop was lost due to a collision with a tree, which also pulled off a landing gear and the mounting hardware for the propeller. I could have also lost a landing leg but was able to find it.

I need to collect spare parts like propeller nuts and washers, landing gear and more propellers. This stuff should go in a case with the quadcopter.

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